Our Vision:

Promote the health, social care, education, training, economic well-being and social inclusion of the Pakistani/Kashmiri and other disadvantaged and vulnerable communities in Nottingham.


Our Mission:

Work in partnership to be socially responsible, sustainable, business focused, building on our strengths and positive relationships with communities, partners and funders to further develop services for the communities we serve.

Promote and develop understanding and good relations between various sections of the local community and organise co-operation towards the achievements of the above purposes.

Bring together key stakeholders including members of the local communities, statutory and voluntary organisation in developing local services and support for local people.


Our Values:

We strive to be:

  • Open, fair and democratic
  • A listening, responsive organisation, treating people with dignity and respect and acting on feedback to improve our services and those provided by other organisations
  • An organisation that works collaboratively with communities and partners in a honest and respectful manner for the benefit of out communities
  • An innovative, forward thinking organisation striving to achieve high quality services and outcomes for our communities and service users
  • 0115 924 0903
  • 163 Woodborough Road, St Anns, Nottingham, NG3 1AX, United Kingdom

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