The Pythian Club was formed in 2014. Our key aim is to provide sustainable and unique programmes that directly work towards ending youth violence. The Pythian Club provide a framework to deliver art, sport and educational programmes which are underpinned by mentoring and supporting issues that are related to drugs and alcohol. The main purpose is to improve the quality of life for young people in our communities; this is achieved by working alongside the young people to address their social, educational and health needs. This enables them to play a greater role in their communities and society as a whole.

An exceptional emphasis is placed on addressing the needs of those young people who are detached from services, socially excluded, vulnerable, at risk of falling into anti-social behaviour and crime, from disadvantaged backgrounds or Black, Minority and Emerging Ethnic communities. The Pythian Club believe that true power is empowering others with the unique and specialized programmes geared towards the wants, needs and interests of young people in our local communities, we aim to promote the necessary personal and social development that deters young people who are at risk of plunging into the traps of deprivation. This includes falling into patterns of crime, drugs, anti-social behaviour and other forms of marginalization. This is achieved by empowering individuals with an enhanced sense of self-esteem, through instilling leadership and self-awareness in our members.

The Pythian Club provides music, boxing and football programmes and we have also launched a theatrical production called Double Edge which explores the effects of knife crime. We encourage young people to get involved and realise that they can make positive change in their lives and that of their community.

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  • The Pythian Club, Heathfield Community Centre, Ventnor Rise, Nottingham, NG5 1HR, ENGLAND

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