By Mulltisa Moung


IDF has been working on and completed a project called “LEAN ON ME”, which is a food distribution project to the communities in need. This project made sure that the people are getting the food and have been looked after for their well-being.

The organisation worked on advising the community regarding the COVID-19 vaccine by encouraging them to take it. During the process, people have expressed fear of the Pfizer vaccine and would like to be vaccinated with vaccines made by other company instead, which was because of the experience where children were crippled through polio vaccine administered by Pfizer’s in the Northern part of Nigeria and Pakistan. IDF continues to fight COVID-19 by supporting the delivery and distribution of PPE such as visor, and hand sanitiser to the community, churches, and mosque and African shops outlets.

IDF has offered a placement for Mental health and Community Well-being student, from the University of Wales, and She has been attending various virtual meetings and community conversation with IDF. Nottingham Equal and IDF have been working together to establish a mental health program for the consequences of the pandemic that have been affecting people in the community.


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