Nottingham Equal’s support during COVID-19

By Mulltisa Moung


The Pandemic has made Nottingham Equal find it difficult to maintain a network and support the newly emerging community groups and the consortium members. Meeting has been held regularly through Zoom to keep contact, especially working up the funding problems and risk-free working environment. The organisation has been working with the city council by letting small businesses know the available funds to support the businesses in a tough time.

The organisation has been working closely to support the Romanian community and sharing information about food banks and COVID vaccine to support and encourage community’s member to get vaccinated. The organisation has been supporting the Romanian community by developing new policy and funding applications. Nottingham equal continues to work on African and Asian Forum, Eastern European Forum and Nottingham Equal Covid-19 for consortium members. The meeting allows Mojatu, IDF, Gambian and Romanian Community and more to share information and identify issues within their community such as food delivery to families in need and sorting fund for children’s education by getting IT tablets, allowing them to access their schoolwork and entertainment easily.

The networking groups have created a Fund application to raise community cultural and mental health awareness for African communities and to stop isolation in the community. Dorothy has been supporting Mojatu by improving the accessibility and usefulness of the Nottingham Equals website which is helpful for consortium members to publish their work and easier for local communities to reach out.

Dorothy has further supported and guided the network group by delivering service around the community and talk to community’s leaders to address the community’s needs. Community leaders will gain more resources to support their community member through the networking group and will be able to deliver excellent service to the community.

FEMEMPOWERMENT 2021 also received positive feedback as partners and other organisers were excited for International Women’s Day 2021. The Theme for this year is called, “Choose to Challenge”. It brought together a group of women to speak for statutory voluntary and community sectors to look at what would be the best way to celebrate IWD 2021 and this year theme. Jaya from FYA has created a video project about local women expressing their chosen challenges. This project has been a success as it has shown support amongst women and has been contributed by many local women and other female leaders such as city councillors and other women who play important roles in society.

At the Council house, a large banner about IWD was displayed to act as a reminder to people. The group will conduct more meetings in April for their future plans.

Dorothy has attended meetings with Nottingham Together, a partnership of voluntary and statutory groups across Nottingham to figure information sharing process and make certain that the shared information is useful to consortium members and communities.


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