Our Work

Our work in supporting BAME communities in Nottingham

Nottingham Equal is committed to connecting communities across Nottingham and to improving health and wellbeing for the most vulnerable by connecting BAME communities. We therefore support projects that aim to reduce loneliness and social isolation, and which deliver better outcomes for children, young people, and families.

We know that collaborative working is vitally important, especially during these politically and economically uncertain times, and we have developed a variety of partnerships and consortiums aimed at identifying and addressing issues affecting these communities. Our partnership embraces the rich diversity of the New and Emerging communities in Nottingham and empowering individuals and communities to create sustainable change. Our work is also about our belief that social action makes an essential contribution to the health and democracy of our society. Remember, all our services are offered FREE!

Building skills and confidence

We organise and facilitate activities and sessions that facilitating people to connect and work together regularly. These community led activities include skills development, training programmes, widening connections, community conversations and leadership develop projects.

Covid-19 Support

Given the disproportionately negative impact Covid-19 has had on BAME communities, Nottingham Equal offers food, training, digital skills and other support services to those affected by Covid-19.

ESOL and Conversational English

We offer ESOL and Conversational English lessons for non-English speakers. These include creative programmes such as Driving Theory, Creative Arts, Cooking and Digital Skills all aimed at helping the learners to speak English better while gaining life long skills.

Financial Advice and Support

We offer financial support, advice and guidance to community members in language and cultural setting that in suitable for them to overcome their money problems. This includes resources, training and support needed for 1-1 face to face and virtual support, signposting and other forms of support to cope with money and debt issues.

Support for Vulnerable Communities

Our work in Nottingham supports communities and individuals within disadvantaged, disengaged and 'hard-to-reach' populations. This is through enabling them to access services and opportunities better and to understand, access and take part in what is happening around them.

Support for Community Groups (VCS)

Many communities have created active groups and volunteers network but some lack capacity and resources to work successfully. We offer practical guidance, information, resources, training and operational and sustainability strategies to help these groups work and support their communities better.

Support for Young People and Their Families

We support young people, parents and families to building resilience and in provision of early intervention with targeted and targeted support for those in need of support. These include those with difficulties in school, at home, leaving care, with substance misuse or experiencing mental health problems. We train and support for parents, families and guardians.

Volunteering Projects

We provide and enable groups to offer a diverse range of volunteer opportunities including internships and work placements. These help communities and students to work together thereby increasing social cohesion and inclusion, skills development and potential routes to employment.

Community Groups Directory

View the list of Nottingham's community groups, charities and voluntary organisations that work with Nottingham Equal in providing the services listed to New and Emerging communities in Nottingham area.